• Think Bigger

    If you are struggling with gaining true insight from your big data, Dataline Software can provide you with personalised and flexible solutions at a competitive price.

  • Health Matters

    With over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector we can provide a fresh, unique & enlightening insight into your medical & healthcare IT needs.

  • Fancy a cuppa?

    We believe in building quality solutions, so when you want to discuss the software we are developing for you, you talk directly to the engineers…. how refreshing!

The best way to start working with us is to talk to us! Phone us on 01273 607147

  • Because that's what we do
    Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and everyone who works for Dataline. This is an easy thing to say, and seems like a marketing exercise in a large corporate entity. But when it comes to the company I work for, Dataline Software, I honestly believe its true! Amon... Read More
  • DIA, not far away.
    THE DIA's 50th Annual Meeting is only a few weeks away, so not much more time to prepare, just a long way to travel with it being in San Diego. Emma, our Business Development Manager will be making the long trip with our friends and partners from CPRD (Clinical Practice Resear... Read More
  • Supporting tomorrow's Cyber Security experts
    On March 19th, six teams of schoolchildren took part in the inaugural Cyber Games, held at Warwick University's department of computer science. Dataline teamed up with MWR Infosecurity to deliver one of seven cyber security challenges for the teams to tackle.... Read More
Case Studies
From healthcare applications to logistics software, Dataline cares about what you need, not who you are.


Better ideas

We believe every piece of software should help you do a better job, help you achieve more, and drive your business forward.  We believe that software can change the way you work and make a positive impact every day. We believe that software can change attitudes, perceptions and lives for the better. We are Dataline Software, and if you think the same way, we would love to talk to you.



We simply provide brilliant software solutions for your business.  We have an excellent track record in both the public and private sectors that demonstrates consistent success in delivering innovative and robust solutions, on time and in budget.  We take pride in maintaining longstanding relationships with our clients at every level of their organisation.  Read More



Our focus on clients & solutions has given us over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, technologies and business problems.  We strive to understand your business strategy and goals before suggesting how best to solve your problems and which technologies to use.  This philosophy produces real results in delivering solutions that meet your needs both today and tomorrow.  Not every software house can say that!  Read through our case studies to find out more